Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Its been a while since I have written anything and since one of my passions is Michigan Football, I just had to write my thoughts on this past year and Lloyd Carr. Michigan started the season with two very bad losses. Like a lot of other Michigan fans, I was calling for Lloyd Carr's job. Total knee jerk reaction. I have to say I am actually worried that he may leave the program. As the saying goes " Be careful for what you wish for. It may come true." Now I know eventually a new coach will take over the Maize and Blue. But who is out there that can take the program to the next level? I am really worried that if Carr leaves and a new coach is brought in, that Michigan fans will be very disappointed. Look what has happened in South Bend. The new coach would be asked to perform miracles and win at an almost unheard of rate. Carr's record is 121- 39. His bowl record is 5-7. In comparison here is Bo Schembechler's record 194-48-5. Bowl record 5-12. So I think its fair to say that Carr has continued a solid winning tradition that any college football program would be envious of. Sure our Bowl record sucks. It sucked before Carr took over and to be honest when it comes to the bowl games I have always expected the worse. That's just the pessimist in me. If we win a bowl game, great. If not, there is always next year. This weekend is the classic match up Michigan, Ohio State. The One Game Season. The Rivalry. Carr has struggled against the Buckeyes the last few years. If this is to be Carr's last season, I am hoping the team can rally around him and send him out on a winning note. GO BLUE !!!

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