Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Earlier this week Lloyd Carr announced his retirement. He started the press conference with a poem. I tought it was perfect.

By your own soul learn to live.

If some men thwart you, take no heed.

If some men hate you, have no care.

Sing your song, dream your dream.

Hope your hope and pray your prayer.

Thanks Lloyd.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dropping The "F" Bomb!

Well yesterday Michigan had their asses handed to them by Ohio State 14-3. Right before halftime I really thought the momentum was starting to go Michigan's way. But to many missed opportunities just killed them. Too many dropped balls. The O-line just looked over matched. Ending result, another year of being Ohio States bitch. I no longer hate them, I loath them. Now word is that Lloyd Carr will announce his retirement tomorrow morning. I may be in the minority here but I really was hoping this wasn't going to be the end result. Here is a very good article from Detroit Free Press writer Mitch Album.
There is actually a point he makes that made I also made the other night in my blog about Lloyd. Well I suppose i can chalk this up as lost weekend. But I did find this clip today and it made me laugh.
Lee Corso totally hits the nail on the head and pretty much describes how I was feeling yesterday watching the game. This is why I love Lee Corso. I am back on the road to recovery.

Friday, November 16, 2007


On the eve of this years Michigan, Ohio State game I had to write about the legendary coach Bo Schembechler. When I was 11 years old, back on Jan 1st 1983, my Dad and Uncle took me to the Rose Bowl to watch Michigan face UCLA. It was the first time I had ever seen them play. I can remember so much about the game still, 24 years later. I remember seeing the team drive up to the stadium, on the team bus. I was cheering my little heart out. Waving at the team as they drove by. I can remember seeing Bo sitting at the front of the bus opposite the driver. It was the first time I can remember seeing a famous person. We then made our way into the stadium to our seats. I was so excited. I was almost jumping out of my skin. Then the Wolverines took the field lead by Bo. The Michigan marching Ban played "The Victors". ( The best fight song EVER!) I had tears in my eyes I was so excited. I felt as though I was in Heaven. The only thing that would have made it a better day is if Michigan had won. They ended up losing 24-14. I had gone from tears of joy to tears of disappointment. Even though they lost, it was a great day and an experience I will never forget.
The next day I wrote a letter to Bo, telling him that I was sorry about loss. When my Uncle heard I had sent Bo Schembechler a letter, he told me that Bo would be to busy to respond to a letter from me. At the time it made sense. So I kind of forgot all about it. That February my uncle passed away suddenly. By this time I had totally forgotten about the letter. But then I came home from school one day about a week after my uncle's funeral and there was a letter post marked from The Sports Information Department of The University of Michigan. When I opened it, there was a black and white photo of Bo. Signed " To Mark. Go Blue! Bo Schembechler" Now I have never really been lucky. But I assume I felt the way someone would feel once they found out they just won the lottery. I couldn't believe it. He actually took the time to do such a thing for some 11 year old kid who he would never meet. But what I have read about Bo, this is something not out of the ordinary. Now through the years I have had a few memorable moments. But this was definitely my first. I still have photo. In the same frame my Dad rushed out to get at Thrifties after he came home from work. I only wish it had come a few weeks earlier, so I could have shown my Uncle. Thanks Bo.


Even Woody Hayes loves Michigan Football!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Its been a while since I have written anything and since one of my passions is Michigan Football, I just had to write my thoughts on this past year and Lloyd Carr. Michigan started the season with two very bad losses. Like a lot of other Michigan fans, I was calling for Lloyd Carr's job. Total knee jerk reaction. I have to say I am actually worried that he may leave the program. As the saying goes " Be careful for what you wish for. It may come true." Now I know eventually a new coach will take over the Maize and Blue. But who is out there that can take the program to the next level? I am really worried that if Carr leaves and a new coach is brought in, that Michigan fans will be very disappointed. Look what has happened in South Bend. The new coach would be asked to perform miracles and win at an almost unheard of rate. Carr's record is 121- 39. His bowl record is 5-7. In comparison here is Bo Schembechler's record 194-48-5. Bowl record 5-12. So I think its fair to say that Carr has continued a solid winning tradition that any college football program would be envious of. Sure our Bowl record sucks. It sucked before Carr took over and to be honest when it comes to the bowl games I have always expected the worse. That's just the pessimist in me. If we win a bowl game, great. If not, there is always next year. This weekend is the classic match up Michigan, Ohio State. The One Game Season. The Rivalry. Carr has struggled against the Buckeyes the last few years. If this is to be Carr's last season, I am hoping the team can rally around him and send him out on a winning note. GO BLUE !!!