Sunday, September 16, 2007

Down In Front

I love going to the movies. I often go with my Dad. It is something we have done for years. It is quality time we spend with each other. But sometimes our taste in movies is quite different and if there is something I want to see but know he wouldn't enjoy, I go by myself. On these occasions, I like to sit in the only seat where a movie can be really appreciated. Front row. Center seat. Right smack dab up against the screen. I want to be entertained. If I can be seated in the front row of the largest screen possible, why would I sit anywhere else? If I want to sit back from a distance to watch a movie, I can do that at home, in my living room. For me going to the movies is an experience. It's about getting there early to watch the trailers. It's about the smell of popcorn (which I never buy cause I am a cheap ass). Its about the surround sound and it is most definitely about the screen. There is just something about sitting up that close to a screen that large. So the next time you are at the movies, stuffing your faces with overly priced popcorn and candy. Sitting halfway in back of the theater. Watching a movie and getting a view as though you watching it on T.V. at home. I'll be drinking my smuggled in soda and eating my smuggled in candy bar. Enjoying the experience of being at the movies down in front.

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